A powerful language integrated query (LINQ) library for Go

go-linq v3.0: Emulating generics in Go

About a month ago we welcomed a new developer to our go-linq maintainers team cleitonmarx (Cleiton Marques) who introduced an interesting pattern for emulating generics in Go and became the main show-maker of the third version of the library. Here is a small story of how the generics behavior was emulated in go-linq.

How to copy tags from one git repository to another

Not long ago my team moved a legacy version of our application from a different branch out into a new repository. The problem was that they had forgotten to copy tags there, so we lived without tags for quite a time, until I decided to deal with the problem and made a utility that copies matching tags from one git repository to another.

Manipulating Data With Iterators in Go

Several months ago I started learning Go language and came across an interesting library go-linq which is an implementation of Microsoft’s LINQ technology in Go. And while it is a good library I find its performance to be really weak because of its design. Trying to improve the situation resulted in a complete rewrite using iterators in a lightweight and simple manner.